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Trial Case Development/

2nd Chair Counsel

For over 40 years, Seth L. Goldstein has worked in litigation involving child sexual abuse allegations in one forum or another. After serving in law enforcement for 20 years at the Berkeley Police Department and in the Santa Clara and Napa County District Attorneys' offices, The Law Offices of Seth L. Goldstein has recreated the successful, criminal prosecution, multi-disciplinary team model,  prosecuting child abuse cases for use in the civil sector. 


While working as the project director for the Napa County District Attorney's Office in the Child Abuse Vertical Program he successfully filed on 75% of the cases brought to the program, achieving a 96.5% conviction rate.


While working as a police officer, Mr. Goldstein began consulting with lawyers in the area of Family and Juvenile Law and discovered there was no such model in the civil sector. The Law Offices of Seth L. Goldstein was created to fill that void and is one of only a handful of law practices that has all the resources at its fingertips to properly litigate complex child abuse and interpersonal violence cases. The firm's resources include former law enforcement experts, childhood trauma experts, experts in complex violence and victimology, computer forensics, and more. For more than 40 years, he has developed a cadre of professionals around the country to rally around a case and support the litigation in the courtroom.


Mr. Goldstein has represented clients in Personal Injury, Family Law, Juvenile Law, Administrative Law, in the Federal District Courts, State Appellate Courts, as well as the California Supreme Court. With Mr. Goldstein as an expert, he helped win a groundbreaking case in the Bankruptcy Court, helping future victims of Domestic Violence in similar financial cases (Hoskins v. Wescott 12-03134 ND CA).


Opinion From Those Who Matter

"Seth assisted me on a contentious case involving sex abuse and DV allegations. Through unforeseen circumstances, we had a very limited window of time to prepare for trial. He was savvy not only as to what was technically necessary to prove our case, but had a good head for figuring how to get our most important evidence in the record. He was great to have on the team."
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