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For over 40 years, Seth Goldstein has worked in litigation involving child sexual abuse allegations in one forum or another. After serving in law enforcement for 20 years at the Berkeley Police Department and in the Santa Clara and Napa County District Attorneys' offices, Mr. Goldstein has recreated the successful, criminal prosecution, multi-disciplinary team model to help in child abuse cases in the civil sector. 


While working as a police officer, Mr. Goldstein began consulting with lawyers in the area of Family and Juvenile Law and discovered there was no such model in the civil sector. With his background in investigations he began testifying in other complex civil cases on how to properly litigate with evidence being the focus as well as helping judges and understand the complexity of bias in abuse cases. 


Since 1977 Mr. Goldstein has concentrated his professional life around the litigation of child abuse allegations, teaching other professionals throughout the world, including FBI, Law Enforcement, Judges, CPS, Social Workers, and other child abuse investigators and workers in similar fields. 


With Mr. Goldstein's help as an expert in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, he helped counsel identify significant facts relating to the various and often misunderstood elements of domestic violence that are often limited to just physical harm. This groundbreaking case can now be cited by others who experience coercive controlling conduct as it relates to marital finances (Hoskins v. Wescott 12-03134 ND CA).  

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Seth was a founding board member of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. He created the Child Abuse Forensic Institute, and has acted as an advisor to the Legal Empowerment Appeals Project, George Washington University, and the Family Violence Appellate Project, Oakland, California.


 Over 40 Years of Accumulated Practice

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Opinions From Those Who Matter

“I worked with Seth on multiple cases involving child sexual abuse and domestic violence, and he would be the first person I would reach out to again if I had a need for such an expert. Seth is skilled as an expert witness, both in explaining indicators of child sexual abuse, and of explaining counter-intuitive behaviors of domestic violence victims. His crucial testimony led to wins in at least two trials. In addition to his excellent expert witness testimony, Seth provided essential consultation to assist me in understanding complex psychological reports, enabling me to perfect my examinations, enhance my client's credibility, and use the reports to support my client's claim of abuse. I would recommend Seth wholeheartedly to anyone litigating cases involving these issues"
- BA
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